11 March, 2011

Life goes on.

Adventures today - painting your face with silver acrylic like a superhero's mask and using bright red lipstick apparently gets you noticed in public places! Who'da thought.
That's actually one of the things that I'm enjoying about this project: it gets other people involved, from my family who puts up with me, to my friends at school who actually volunteer for this craziness - and it gets crazy.
365 days is also bringing out the worst in me, though. I get frustrated, and lazy, but at the same time I want perfection in what I'm doing. Ergo, I'm never fully satisfied with the shot I have.
It's a mixed bag.

So there's that.

On a totally unrelated note, this weekend will be busy!
I have to stop by my former workplace and pick up my last cheque, I'm headed to an improv show (with my camera of course), and on Saturday I've got the crafty minions sale to stop by (Cara from midkid is in it!), coffee with a friend to catch up, plus a film photoshoot planned!
I will be very, very tired by the end of the day.
Have a good night, folks!

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