18 February, 2011

I don't NEED to do this.

That was the point that my friend Cara (midkid.blogspot.com) made yesterday when she was making fun of all the stuff I carry to and from school every day. 
See, because I'm doing this project, I have to lug my laptop, camera, lenses, tripod, and lunchbag to school every day, if I want an image with daylight!
Needless to say, it creates a lot of baggage.

I could avoid that problem, just by leaving everything at home. I could leave my camera, tripod, and just bring along my laptop and lunch to school. It would be a lot easier on me, on my back, and on poor Cara, who has to put up with me on the bus every evening. It would even be easier in class without all my stuff covering the desks and chairs and floor space around me.

I don't need to take a picture of myself every single day. But I want to.
I don't want to make the focus on my appearance, making something sexy, I just want to make something interesting. I want to convey a message, an emotion, a feeling of quietness or something a little quirky. I want to create something that makes people stop and stare.
Am I going to succeed?
I have no clue.
But I want to continue the 365 days, because I want to see if I can.
That's all.


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Cara Jess Mason said...

My apologies for coming off pretty bitchy in saying this.
It was not my intent.
Also, todays photo is so beautiful it blows my mind.