20 March, 2011

I was sad,

and now I'm less so.
Despite the facts that I'm three projects behind in my drawing class, that I have a paper due Thursday worth 45% of my final grade, that I haven't taken any still life photographs for my class on Wednesday, that my cat refuses to cooperate with me for another project due Thursday, and that I'm three days behind on my 365 Days project, I'm less sad than I used to be.
Stressed out? Yes. Of course. Added to the fact that I'm a newly single girl again, and newly unemployed (again), all this work seems to be piling up faster than I can climb a ladder to get to the top of it.

But it's okay. 'Cause, gee, when you look at it, being single and out of work means I have more time to procrastinate by writing blog posts! and, I guess, eventually work on the stuff that needs to get done.
What makes it even better is that I know that I'm loved, though.

It's been a really rough couple of weeks for me, from breaking up to losing my job, to family stresses to finding out secrets from the past. Since my friends are also artists, they pay keen attention to details, and they wanted to cheer me up.
So, last Thursday afternoon, they staged a sadness intervention for me, which included a little gift, and a giant group hug. Then we all went and ate Andrew's candy. (Thanks, Andrew!)
I have had a smile on my face since. I love you all dearly.


Richelle said...

aw, love you too darling dear! SO MUCH!

Benjamin said...

you're a really wonderful person Kira!