01 April, 2011

I just want school to be over already.

It's the last week.
(and I'm a week behind on my 365 days, as of twenty-nine minutes ago).
I have all these images in my head, a face bandaged up and hurting, a back with skin peeling like wallpaper, hands being tender, monochrome, soft colours, and so on and so forth,
but I have no time in which to make them!
I'm just ready for school to be done and over, so I can concentrate on the things I want to do, like these photographs, rather than the things I have to do.

Oh, p.s.!
I'm having a print sale to raise money for a new camera (5D MK II, anyone? yes please).
email me at kirastyles@gmail.com to place an order,

4"x6" - $6
8"x12" - $12
12"x18" - $22


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